This new creative medium, enables the global community to graffiti by drone, built on the decentralised, uncensored, transparent  blockchain where the work will remain indefinitely, uncensored and open to all.


Leveraging blockchain’s core features of a public, decentralised, distributed record to archive indefinitely a normally temporarily local artwork accessible by a global audience.


A new creative medium which remains true to the ethos of graffiti while exploring the possibilities of fresh expression though a new style aesthetic in spaces normally physically out of reach.

Drone Technology

Utilising affordable, accessible,open-source, and cutting-edge drone  technology to translate line art into sprayable flight paths, ensuring this new medium is available to as large and diverse a community as possible.

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About the Project

Drone Graffiti Live Art Event

 The first public testing of this emerging Medium

February 8th – 10th (12pm – 6pm)

Calle de Durango 65-85/ Roma Norte, Mexico City

(View on Google Maps)

February 8 – 10, 2019 Public showcase of progress during Mexico City Art Week, enabling three selected artists to simultaneously create urban art on city walls and on the blockchain.  

Spring 2019: The Drone Graffiti Project will launch with a collaborative, crowdsourced action on a large building close to Mexico City’s Paseo de Reforma and the iconic Monumento a la Revolución.

This public release of The Drone Painting Project invites the global community to collectively create a big mural that lives simultaneously on a tall wall in Mexico City and on the blockchain. 
The Drone Graffiti Project is dedicated to advancing Drone Graffiti as a new medium and making it available to the people. The project has been made possible by æternity blockchain and the use of open source software and off-the-shelf  hardware, developed by to unite communities across virtual and physical worlds, empowering them to create unique artworks with drones in a truly collaborative manner. The artworks will be permanently archived on the blockchain, creating a free, accessible and living art platform, that is decentralized, uncensored, transparent, and collaborative.


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